“A few months ago, I suffered a triple fracture to my wrist, radius, and ulna.  The fractures were so severe that my arm and hand look like a “W”.  After 2 re-sets, splinting and casting, my hand and arm were finally in a brace after 10 weeks.  Muscles from my fingers to my shoulder were stiff and rigid and barely any movement in my wrist; and extreme pain!

Fortunately, I had begun working with Adam Bryan Tritt a few months earlier for my hip and sciatica with great results.  When it was time to start rehabilitation, Adam was my first call.  I chose the integrative holistic route knowing I would receive the best care and amazing results.  After my second or third visit, I was introduced to Doc Chris, and Adam and Doc Chris worked in tandem with me and my injury.  Their approach covered many techniques from stretching, manipulation and range of motion, cupping, guasha, acupuncture, ultrasound and others as I began to regain use of my hand and arm.  It wasn’t just my hand and arm being treated, it was all of me… mind, body, and spirit!

It has been a journey, but well worth it! I can happily say I have gained more range of motion and strength and a sense of well-being, throughout the process.

Adam, Doc Chris, and Dan have made this work for me with their treatments and patience.  I have confidence that I am on the path to being 100%.”

Tre Maloney – Melbourne, FL


“For Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Massage Therapy, you won’t find anyone better than the folks here. Fully integrated holistic medicine. They really care about the patients and it shows in everything they do. I travel from Cocoa Beach to come here and I’m happy to do it.”

Lis G. – Cocoa Beach, FL


“I have been coming for the past several months for treatment to relieve the pain of trigeminal neuralgia.  You achieved for me that no Western medical doctor could, even the Mayo Clinic.  I am now completely pain free!!!  If this, or any other malady should return, I will be in to see you immediately!!!  Again, thank you very much.”

Marsha Humphrey – Melbourne, FL


“The Wellness Center is terrific.  Doc Chris is smart, compassionate and will bend over backwards to make sure you have everything you need to improve your health.  He is a superb acupuncture physician and his patients come out of the treatment rooms feeling tremendously improved.  The two massage therapists are top-notch too.   Teresa is truly gifted, able to release and relieve pains you didn’t know you had; and Adam is skilled in some lesser-known massage techniques that have powerful results.  All three practitioners are not there simply to make people feel good: they are healers. Plain and simple.”

Craig Smith – Palm Bay, FL


“The folks from the Wellness Center came to talk to us at our veteran’s group and did a demonstration of massage therapy and acupuncture.  I volunteered and got an acupuncture treatment on the spot. It was almost painless and I had noticeable results on the spot.  Since then I have been getting weekly treatments and my back has never felt better. ”

Terry Overly- Palm Bay, FL


“When I get migraines, I throw up and see spots. I didn’t want to go at first but I was told by another that it really works. Not only did it work, but it works very very fast. And it doesn’t hurt.  I was getting Migraines once a week. Now I don’t even have them once a month. That’s after three visits, six months ago and I have been getting a treatment every two months. If I was hurt or sick I would not hesitate to ask for an appointment. ”

Jeremy Beck -Palm Bay, Fl


“Is it effective?”  Absolutely effective.  When the alternatives are drugs but I can get a treatment and be back to normal in 20 minutes, who wouldn’t?  I would use an OMD before going to an MD.  I am a former nurse and I would suggest everyone try Chinese Medicine.  I’m converting my family.”

Donna Beck – Palm Bay, FL


For as long as I can remember, my wife, Dana has suffered from headaches and sinus problems. She has tried a number of different medications and therapies with limited results.  She has consumed enough aspirin, ibuprophin and Tylenol over the years to treat a small army.  Several months ago after meeting Lee Tritt at a Chamber of Commerce event, she agree to let Lee, “Stick it to her”. Dana is not fond of needles but Lee put her at ease by demonstrating acupuncture is virtually painless.

After her first acupuncture treatment with Lee, Dana came home claiming she felt amazingly calm and headache free. This first treatment kept her headache free for at least a week. Subsequent treatments have continued to keep her pain at bay and restored her energy levels.

Dana now looks forward to her appointments with Lee and has made them a part of her routine. I am amazed at the effect it has had on my wife and recommend Lee to anyone suffering with chronic pain.

Jim Howes -Melbourne, FL


“I was working on a project with a client of mine who was under tremendous stress, while running two companies. She expressed her concern to me about her health. I told her all about the services of Lee Tritt. She was very skeptical about it at first and asked me several times if it really worked.  I assured her I was very pleased with the services I had received from Lee.

About a week later I saw my client and she couldn’t wait to tell me how refreshed and renewed she felt after her first treatment from Lee.  She said she had made it through an amazingly stressful work week and the entire time she felt calm and able to deal with the crisis at hand. In the beginning she said she was not sure if it would work, but now she was convinced and was looking forward to her next treatment.”

Jessica Brace -Barefoot Bay, FL


“I came here for neuropathy in my feet. I had been to several other doctors and none of them helped. I was despondent. I barely did anything anymore.

After three treatments, I work up and put my feet on the floor and could feel the bottoms of my feet. I was so surprised that I felt joy and almost cried. That same day I was able to go for a walk and was very aware of how steady I was on my feet. This is amazing to me.  I feel like Doc Lee has given me back my quality of life.”

Ann Smith, Palm Bay, FL



The Wellness Center specializes in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Natural Medicine, Massage Therapy, Homeopathic Treatments, Herbal and Alternative and Integrated medicine. Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, Brevard County and the greater Florida Space Coast County.