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Christopher Bickford, A.P., Dipl. Ac., OMD  Christopher Bickford is approaching his third decade as a doctor of Chinese Medicine, having completed his studies of Chinese medicine at The Community School for Chinese Healthcare in 1996.  His clinical experience includes treating patients with auto-immune diseases and HIV/AIDS at South Shore Hospital in Miami Beach and APFL (Aids Project of Florida) in Fort Lauderdale.  In addition to maintaining a private practice in Ft. Lauderdale, Dr. Bickford also taught acupuncture and Chinese herbology at several Chinese medical schools in South and North Florida.

Dr. Bickford employs healing modalities including acupuncture, therapeutic acupressure, moxabustion, tui-na  massage, Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy. He also uses chi gung and other therapeutic exercises to aid patients experiencing disease of the Mind/Body/Spirit.

He is not only an expert with the hands-on and physical tools of eastern medicine, but if you come early most mornings you will find him in the kitchen creating formulas for his patients from raw herbs, bringing the scent of cooking herbs to The Wellness Center. Dr. Bickford has trained and worked with some of the top professionals in North America, including Fu Di, Daniel J Atchison-Nevel, Efrem Korngold and Andrew Ellis and has treated patients in clinics, hospitals and in the field. And he brings not only that skill and experience with him, but a deep understanding and compassion which is evident from the first moment you sit with him.

Dr. Bickford specializes in the treatment of metabolic disorders including type II diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, as well as pain management and psycho spiritual concerns.

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