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Meet Us

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Chris Bickford, OMD, L.Ac.

Acupuncture, Acupressure & Cranial Sacral therapy


Pain Management Allergies Accident and Trauma Chronic Stress Metabolic Syndrome Sports Injury and Performance

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725 S. Apollo

Melbourne, Florida

chris, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Melbourne FL

Marie Perlongo, LMT #MA84973

Restorative Bodywork & Massage LLC.

“Freeing Your Body & Mind to Work Optimally”

Offering a variety of holistic therapies ranging from CranioSacral to Miracle Migraine.

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Toni France, LMT, MA89692

My name is Toni France, I have seven years of experience helping people to relax and relieve them of pain and stress. I have a natural medium pressure and can do deeper pressure if needed. So if you have just injured yourself or just need to relax… 
    I believe I can help!!!:

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Krystal Fraser, LMT MA88706 

Krystal Fraser graduated at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and has since gained experience working with clients in multiple clinical environments. She specializes in working with clients that have high stress, anxiety, depression, and stress related insomnia. In a world where stress levels are on the rise, she believes the healing and nurturing touch of massage therapy can have a large impact on reducing both physical pain and emotional stress if received regularly.  
“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”  – Buddha 

Phone: 860-719-3867 
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Alexander Technique Therapy

Tami Bulmash, M.A.

AmSAT Certified

Alexander Technique Teacher

Call: 813-534-9219


The Wellness Center opened its doors in August of 2007 and has been providing Integrated medicine using Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Natural Medicine and Massage Therapy ever since. Moving to their new, more central location in August of 2014, they continue to Serve The Space Coast, receiving referrals from doctors as far away as Jacksonville’s Mayo Clinic and South Florida’s University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital.

acupuncture, massage, Melbourne, FL

Founded by Dr. Christopher Bickford, OMD and team of experts, provide high-quality, client-centered healthcare and wellness programs. These programs include the use of Oriental Medical Techniques both with or without needles. We also use herbal medicine, natural medicine, homeopathy, Oriental bodywork and hypnotherapies.

We’re perfectly happy to tell a patient when something is in our scope, out of our scope or to work with an MD when a concern requires it. But many patients would be surprised just how effective Oriental Medicine is and for just how many things.