Meet Marie Perlongo LMT (# 7538987)
“Rehab or Relax ~ Helping Your Body to Work Optimally”
Using several different therapies:
*Therapeutic Restorative Massage Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy®
Somato Emotional Release®
Miracle Migraine®
Headache Therapy
Frequency Therapy
Face Toning Massage®

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Maria works to heal the following conditions:
All types of headaches, migraines, TMJD, Head & Brain injuries
Back & Neck Pain, Pain & Inflammation, Flexibility, Range of Motion & Injury Recovery
Post Surgery Healing, Adhesions & Swelling, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis & Frozen Shoulder
Carpal Tunnel, Knee & Hip issues
Stress & Rest Management, Anxiety & Depression
Emotional Releasing, enabling the client to remove blockages breaking through healing chronic pain or just being able to move forward in life.

“My training and education helps me to make changes in the body and emotional health. My clients range from infants, teens, pro-athletes, golden age and yes, even pets! Each session is customized for each individual. I believe in using all and any techniques that are needed during a session in order to get the best results for that particular individual, specific problem or issue.”
Benefits of Massage:

Beneficial Effects of massage include pain relief, reduced trait anxiety and depression, and temporarily reduced blood pressure, heart rate and state anxiety.  Some studies have found massage may also be helpful for:spa_massage

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain


Therapeutic Massage

  • What is it?  Therapeutic massage is a term used to describe a type of massage that is focused on a specific goal. For example, while a full body massage may feel great and relax you, it may not provide dpecific relief from the chronic muscular stress that you feel in your neck, shoulders or lower back. Or perhaps your are recovering from an injury and would like targeted attention a particular area of your body.

Therapeutic massage sessions are customized to your particular needs and presentation, drawing on various modalities and techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point therapy, Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, positional release, Myofascial release, etc.

    • What to expect. Client is undressed and covered or ‘draped’ for the duration of the massage, uncovering areas only as they are to be worked.  Depending on the techniques being used, lotion or oil may or may not be used.  Based on unique symptoms and complaints of the client, the acute or chronic nature of the issue and the type of session work, more than one session may be necessary.
    • Optimal Care: Follow up after session care guidelines and suggested “homework” may be given in order to potentiate the session work and expedite therapeutic goals. The body is a complex system and we must give it the opportunity and time to process and release at its own pace.


Reflexology is an alternative, natural treatment for a wide variety of conditions.  Areflexology, doterra, melbourne, fl typical session will stimulate more than 7,000 nerve endings, which increases their function and reactivity.  Opening and cleaning out nerve pathways can help improve function and flexibility of many areas of the body.

BENEFITS OF REFLEXOLOGY increased energy, boosts circulation, induces a deep state of relaxation, eliminates toxins, stimulates the central nervous system, speeds recovery after injury or surgery, helps relieve sleep disorders, reduces depression, and relieves pain. Furthermore, it can help ease the treatment of various cancers and helps to soothe the pains of pregnancy, even those occurring after the baby is born.

Reflexology is a good treatment to help those suffering from lymphedema (swelling of extremities) after surgery, as it helps to improve circulation and lymphatic flow.  A reflexologist can work on the reflex points specific to the affected area. In some cases the affected extremity lymphedema can be very painful, reflexology is very gentle and effective and in such cases it is a good complement to the lymphatic drainage massage.

In general, reflexology helps improve circulation and lymph flow, which benefits all systems and organs of the body and helps to achieve deep relaxation and improve breathing and mobility.


The Wellness Center specializes in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Natural Medicine, Massage Therapy, Homeopathic Treatments, Herbal and Alternative and Integrated medicine. Serving Melbourne, Palm Bay, Brevard County and the greater Florida Space Coast County.


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