Hoshino Therapy

Hoshino Therapy

The goal of Hoshino Therapy is to restore vitality and mobility to muscles, tendons, and joints, and to align the curvature of the spine to its original and most efficient posture, bringing back optimum function, balance, and bio-mechanical symmetry to the body. Hoshino Therapy is not like other traditional or conventional treatments. We do not claim to cure disease. Hoshino therapy is a “common sense Scientific Method” of the form and function of Bio-mechanical health. When the body is active and healthy we regenerate and recover from disease and injury quickly and completely. When we are in a weakened state, however, diseases and injuries become chronic creating more serious conditions and leading to other problems, which eventually overwhelm the body’s natural healing potential. With Hoshino Therapy we will help you find a real solution to your pains and enable your body to heal itself naturally.

Jan Harazda, RN, LMT

“For Solution of Musculoskeletal Disorders”

For Chronic Pain and Aging, Back, Neck and Joint Pain.

Jan Harazda-RN, LMT, Phone: 321-917-4529


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